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Recognized nationally as among the very best in the Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic specialty, Lone Star patients come from across the nation. Our doctors, James A. Amis and Robert A. Raines, Jr., make it their priority to bring our patients the highest standard of care.
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Drs. Amis and Raines’ priority is to render good “old fashioned,” quality care to our patients. Our doctors are highly skilled and they each bring a unique perspective to the practice. Our doctors encourage patients to participate in choosing treatment strategies. We welcome questions at every stage of your treatment.
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Founded in 1986, Lone Star Orthopaedics has developed an excellent reputation for providing foot and ankle orthopaedic care to the Southwest Ohio region. Dr. Amis and Dr. Raines focus 100 percent of their expertise to foot and ankle medical services.
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While testing patients is sometimes required, the background history of patients at Lone Star Orthopaedics is still the mainstay of a patient’s medical diagnosis. After determining a diagnosis and considering patient goals and objectives, an individualized treatment plan is discussed with patients who come to our practice.

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The pain that results from arthritis occurs because of inflammation around the joint, damage to the joint, or wear and fatigue over time to these joints. Other symptoms of arthritis include swelling and stiffness. Drs. Amis and Raines have extensive experience treating the various forms of arthritis.

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